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random things written at 17

I’ve been a vegetarian since the middle of forth grade.
I don’t wear make-up.
I’ve never had a cavity.
I wish I owned a telescope, microscope, and a projector.
I prefer to float in water rather than swim in it.
I will eat avocado with anything. It’s THAT good!
I love almond butter and honey sandwiches. Their better than peanut butter with jelly.
I wish I didn’t live in the city sometimes so I could see the stars.
My artist name is Osla Xoiha.
I still like to swing on the swings a lot.
I miss the yellow lucas. Even if it did have lead.
My favorite field trip as a child was The Science Place which is now called Museum of Nature & Science.
I make the BEST lemonades.
One day I want to get a tattoo of my artwork on my wrist.
I like to sing with my sister.
I love drawing geometrically abstract.
I still remember what I wore my freshman year.
I prefer film over digital.
My first time I went ice skating I was surprisingly good at it.
I prefer documentaries over blockbusters.
Some of my favorite bands include Black Moth Super Rainbow, Bibio, CocoRosie, The Knife, and Crystal Castles.
My dream job is to be an archeologist and an illustrator.
The first book I read as a child was called La visita del Sr. Azúcar.
I’ve never owned a phone. That’s probably shocking to hear. I don’t want to either.
I went to the hospital because I choked on a life saver. Ironic huh?
I like to stick my finger in a cats mouth when it yawns.
I dislike when things become mainstream.
My laugh is contagious.
One of these facts is not true.

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